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Danish Swedish Farmdog Puppies in Vacaville California

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Bella and Calvin had had 5 great litters, and it has been a true joy watching these fantastic puppies get born, grow up and find new great homes. If you are looking for a DSF puppy, please reach out to the US breeders, listed at the US Danish-Swedish Farmdog official website . Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA/Canada -- Breed Club Group. Danish ... More

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The Danish-Swedish Farmdog requires a lot of exercise. At least one hour a day of some type of one-on-one activity along with a daily walk or jog where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the human holding the lead. Grooming: 2 stars. The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is rather easy to groom. The coat is short and does not require daily brushings. More

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Find Danish-Swedish Farmdog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Danish-Swedish Farmdog information. All Danish-Swedish Farmdog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. More

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AVOID BROKERS AND MILLS. GO LOCAL (if possible) and DIRECT. You want a puppy DIRECTLY from a breeder you have been able to develop a relationship with, who will work to get to know you so a successful match is most likely.; You want, ideally, a puppy from a breeder reasonably LOCAL to you (or one whose kennel you are willing to travel to) - even if it means waiting for the right pup. More

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The Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America (DSFCA) was first established in 2003 and incorporated March 17, 2005 as the official breed club for Danish/Swedish Farmdogs registered and living in the United States.(text from website) Alison Smith (Paradox) is a Breeder member in good standing and current (2019) President of DSFCA. More

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The Danish Swedish Farmdog is a fairly small breed, standing 12.3 to 14.5 inches tall on average and weighing between 15 and 25 pounds at maturity. Temperament/Behavior. The Danish Swedish Farmdog is a friendly and easygoing breed which makes it popular among families. More

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Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America, the official breed club for registered Farmdogs living in the USA. Established August 21, 2003 and incorporated March 17, 2005. More

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Sweet Surprise Laura Cameron RR #2 Hunter River PE C0A 1E0 Phone: 1.902.964.3115 E-Mail: laurac369@hotmail.com. Danish-Swedish Farmdogs Canada affiliated with Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA More

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The Danish Swedish Farmdog is an old breed that has undergone many changes throughout their history. They were extremely popular on farms throughout Denmark and southern Sweden. This small dog is lively and intelligent. They have an expressive personality that endears them to the hearts of many. Expect to give the Danish Swedish Farmdog a job ... More

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Generally, the Danish-Swedish Farmdog is an easy and thrifty dog to care for. Any good-quality food is recommended. Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large ... More